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  • When are rehearsals?
    Rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 4:30-7pm and Saturdays from 3-8pm (as called). Additional Vocal/Dance Rehearsals for special numbers/leads may be added to the schedule as needed. Each cast member will receive a schedule...please check the rehearsal schedule/ google calendar to see if you are called.
  • Do you have to Audition to participate?
    YES. All of our shows require an audition. The only exception is our 8-13yr old summer program...auditions for this are for placement only- participation is first come first serve
  • Does everyone who Auditions get into the show?
    Unfortunately no. We can only take a certain about of kids depending on the show size and stage space. However, we try to take as many as we can.
  • How to prepare for an audition?
    PREPARATION IS IMPORTANT and plays a HUGE role in our casting decisions. It is the one part of this process you have complete control over. Please make sure that when you audition, you arrive on time, know your audition song lyrics, and are dressed appropriately. This is your opportunity to make a good first impression and to present yourself in a professional manner. You will sing 60 seconds of a song of your choice. (musical theater or Disney song preferred) Before you sing, please tell us your name, age, and the song you will be singing. If you have not auditioned for us in the past, this is called a slate. *Be aware that vocal auditions are musical monologues. We can tell a lot about your storytelling skills and acting abilities from your vocal audition. Do NOT choreograph your vocal audition. Instead, move as your character might when telling a story. Please submit all audition music or YouTube links to by Saturday, January 6th. (We will accept music the day of, however we would prefer to receive it in advance so as to speed up the audition process.)
  • What/When are Callbacks?
    Callbacks are by invitation only and will be held on the Saturday of audition week. They are an opportunity for directors to continue making decisions with regards to readiness, and performer compatibility. If you are asked to return for a callback you may be considered for a specific role(s) and the directors need to see you read, or sing with the other characters also being considered. Callback information will be sent out to the email address you signed up with no later than the Friday night of audition week. If you are not already familiar with the part you are being called back for, this would be a good time to look online and begin to familiarize yourself with the show. Any songs we may ask your character to sing can also be found on YouTube or downloaded from Apple Music or other similar streaming platforms.
  • How much does it cost to participate?
    For our musicals, the production fee is $250. Production fees include: a cast T-shirt, video, and the costs of participation. **Production fees DO NOT include the cost of tickets to attend the show, or any underclothing, shoes or personal items you may be asked to wear as part of your costume.
  • Is there an attendance policy?
    Yes! WE NEED THIS SHOW TO BE YOUR PRIORITY! We ask for a list of potential conflicts on your audition paperwork. If you are not able to commit to this show, we ask that you consider auditioning for a future show that better works with your schedule. IF STUDENTS HAVE 6+ CONFLICTS, THEY MAY NOT BE CAST IN THIS PRODUCTION REGARDLESS OF SKILL LEVEL OR ABILITY. *IF YOU WANT TO BE A LEAD IN THIS SHOW -We are looking for actors who do not have multiple conflicts (less than 3 preferred), who work hard, and can handle being given correction. Conflicts for leads CANNOT BE ON SUPER SATURDAY OR DURING TECH/SHOW WEEK! -If you are a lead and miss rehearsal for any reason (other than a previously known conflicts or illness/family emergency) you will be given one free pass. If it continues to happen, you will be asked to either understudy the role you were cast in, or you will not be considered for leading roles in upcoming seasonal productions. *IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS SHOW -We are looking for people who do not have more than 5 Conflicts. Those conflicts SHOULD NOT BE ON SUPER SATURDAY OR DURING TECH/SHOW WEEK! -If you miss rehearsal for any reason (other than previously known conflicts or illness/family emergency) you will be given one free pass. If it becomes a continuous problem, you will be taken out of scenes you have not learned. *We understand that things come up that you did not know about before auditioning, but please let us know ASAP
  • What is the dress Code?
    *Dress Code: All students will be asked to wear the following to rehearsal: Girls: T-shirt, fitted shirt, tank top, or leotard that covers the abdominal area with leggings, biker shorts, or sweatpants (No jeans, crop tops or Baggy Sweatshirts- unless being worn in addition to a shirt for added warmth) Prefer: Black/tan jazz shoes or sneakers. Boys: T-shirt or fitted tank top -cannot have large openings in arms and must cover the abdominal area with sweatpants, biker shorts or soccer shorts (no jeans or baggy sweatshirts-unless being worn in addition to a shirt for added warmth) Prefer: Black/tan jazz shoes or sneakers. HAIR FOR BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS NEEDS TO BE PULLED BACK AND AWAY FROM THE FACE
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